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A Statement from Simply Fresh Events

Simply Fresh Events was founded by two families with a strong sense of commitment to values and ethics.  Since its inception, our company has emphasized respect for clients, vendors and others with whom we do business, and we are proud that our community embraces people from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions.

On November 19, shortly after our staff began serving at an event for which we had contracted, it became apparent that the values of the contracting group were strongly at odds with the values of Simply Fresh Events. We immediately advised the group’s contact person that Simply Fresh Events was withdrawing from the event and the event ended without incident.  Simply Fresh Events does not support or have any affiliation with the National Policy Institute or similar groups.

In accordance with our Mission Statement, we continue to stress the importance of dealing fairly, honestly and forthrightly with those who hire us and with those we hire. We are in the process of reviewing our contract procedures to ensure that future bookings are consistent with our commitment to our values and to our community.

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