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Disaster Catering and Simply Fresh Events

Here at Simply Fresh Events, our hearts go out to all those in the southern states affected by the recent hurricanes.  We cannot imagine the hard decisions you’ve had to make regarding evacuating, the losses you’ve suffered, and the struggle to rebuild that is in your future.

Relief 3

Simply Fresh Events partners with many states to help those in need in these situations.  We can provide round-the-clock disaster relief catering to both recovery crews helping to get neighborhoods out from underneath tragedy and also cities and towns with displaced citizens who just need something to eat.


We have the manpower, the equipment, the training, the know-how…but most importantly, the heart.

Relief 2

If your disaster recovery team or town needs help in the wake of these devastating weather events, please let us know.  We’ve got our hard hats, hands and chefs at the ready.

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