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Creative Food Displays

Creative Food Displays


Here at Simply Fresh Events, we’re always on the lookout for new and inventive ways to display our delicious food.  Whether you’re going for rustic or romantic, high-end or homey, there are lots of creative ways to present your menu.  Here are some of our recent favorites…although we’re always finding more!

Dripless Basins


Tired of your beautiful linens getting dripped on by your beverage dispensers?  These planter’s rocks in a small ceramic bowl are an eye-pleasing solution.  They can easily be run through the dishwasher and reused over and over again.  Just be sure to properly dry the rocks before storage.

One-Bite Crudité


Keep your guests from crowding (and double-dipping!) by presenting your crudité “platter” in small bites!  Simply slice a baguette on the bias, hollow out, and fill with your favorite veggies and dip.  Bonus: save the bread you’ve hollowed out to make your own breadcrumbs!

Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles

Bowl-and-spoon sauce situations can get messy and put a tarnish on a beautifully set table.  Next time you’ve got sauces or condiments to serve, dress up your squeeze bottles with some chalkboard paint or stickers for labels and set out on a decorative platter!

Wine Crate Displays

Wine 1 Wine 2

Check with your local wine store to see if they have any leftover wooden wine crates!  Often your deep chafer pans will fit into the rectangular crates and offer a rustic basin for cold selections.  Due to the flammability of these crates, we do not recommend using sternos for these displays, but they are perfect for salads, or fill with kosher salt to hold up miniature cheese bites!

DIY Bagels And Donuts


For your next donut and bagel display, head on down to Home Depot!  No, really!  Pick up some durable pegboard and pegs, give a festive coat of paint, and voilà – you’ve got a beautiful display that looks like it took hours to craft.

Cast Iron Takes Center Stage

Cast Iron

What if we told you that using simple display components like bricks and cast iron would dress up your display?  Pull out your Staub, Le Crueset, or Loge cast iron and let the beauty of the craftsmanship shine!

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