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Simply Fresh Events and Food Safety

When we are preparing food for large groups, and for many events at once, we are very careful to keep the food safe.  We have policies that are in place by law, some by license, and then some we installed in-house on our own to ensure that our food is not only delicious and fresh, but also that it is safe.

  • Cooking on site. Unlike some caterers, we cook everything we possibly can on-site just before the event.  By doing this, we lessen the time that the food is held hot, and potential harmful bacteria the chance to grow.

USP Octoberfest

  • The Four Hour Rule. We will not leave cooked food out for longer than four hours.  This is, again, to ensure that harmful bacteria are not given a comfy home in which to grow.

Worthington Wedding

  • Safe Food Handling. In our kitchen, we go through about 60,000 gloves a year.  This is because we are very, very careful with how we handle your food.  We also use only 100% nitrile gloves so we are not at risk of exposing latex to anyone who may have an allergy.

Wells Wedding

  • Temping.  Everything.  All the time.  We take temperatures of all our food before during and after an event to ensure it’s held at safe temperatures.

Wells Wedding

  • Certification.  Anyone who handles food in our kitchen is ServSafe Certified.  This means that they have taken a class on safe food handling and passed.  Additionally, at all our events, we have a staff member who is AllerTrain certified.  This employee has been educated in allergies and food sensitivities.  Lastly, all our staff is educated on the menu being served and can answer any questions that a guest may have regarding allergies.


  • Cleanliness.  This seems like an obvious one – but we take our cleanliness very seriously.  All our food preparation surfaces are stainless steel, and are disinfected with a food-safe cleaning agent every time they are used, regardless of what was being prepared.


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