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Service Style Options

One of the choices you need to make as you plan your event is how the food will be served. For help deciding what service style works best for your venue, your menu and your budget, contact a Simply Fresh event planner at 240.685.2500 or

  • Passed Appetizers

    Want to get the party started on a high note? Have servers pass among your guests with a selection of hot and cold Appetizers. To encourage some serious mingling, combine a number of hearty Appetizers with some Action Stations, and let that take the place of dinner.

  • Action Stations

    What’s an Action Station? It’s a chef-attended food station that adds a final touch of freshness to a guest’s plate. Our personable chefs add to the fun as guests select their favorite quesadilla “fixin’s” or cut of brisket. Ask your Simply Fresh event planner about the Action Station options available for every course, from Appetizers through Dessert!

  • Buffets

    One reason the traditional Buffet remains our most popular service style is that it allows the hosts to offer lots of choices to their guests, who tend to have a wide range of food preferences. And, just like our menu items, Buffet service can be dressed up or down to match your event’s tone.

  • Family Style

    To make your guests feel at home, consider choosing our Family Style option. Our servers deliver table-size portions, and guests serve themselves as the platters and bowls are passed. Just keep an eye out that Cousin Joe doesn’t take all the mashed potatoes!

  • Plated

    A nice option for a more formal event is to have servers present complete plates once the guests have been seated. Whether for an afternoon tea party or an evening wedding, your guests will appreciate this touch of elegance.